At Queen Mary:

  • Labour Economics, 3rd year BSc (Spring term 2020, 2019)

  • Advanced Topics in Microeconomics, MRes (Spring term 2018)

At Mannheim University:

  • Reading Group in Applied Economics (HWS 2015, HWS 2017), Ph.D. level
  • Economic Policy Analysis, FSS 2015 & FSS 2016, B.Sc. Economics, 3rd year elective, Course page
  • Applied Econometrics (CC 502), HWS 2014/HWS 2015, M.Sc. Management,  Course page
  • BSc dissertation supervision

I have been Teaching Assistant at the Department for Economics at University College London for the following courses:

  • The Economics of Migration (G037), 2009/10-2013/14, MSc Economics,  Course page
  • The Economics of the Public Sector (Econ7005), 2012/13, BSc Economics, 2nd and 3rd year,  Course page
  • Applied Economics (Econ1002), 2010/11 & 2011/12, BSc Economics, 1st  year,  Course page
  • The World Economy (Econ1005), 2008/09, BSc Economics, 1st  year, Course page